Speak Out for Arts and Culture!

The Province has launched a cultural policy review to examine the role of the arts, creative industries, heritage, libraries, Indigenous culture, and cultural infrastructure in Manitoba.

This is the first cultural policy review in 25 years and it is poised to have a major impact on arts, culture and heritage in Manitoba. We are excited about the opportunity to provide input to the government, and make the case for how a robust arts and culture sector contributes to the provincial economy and enriches the lives of citizens. It’s critical that those who work in the arts, heritage and creative industries participate in the cultural review.

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Arts and Culture are essential to Manitoba’s prosperity and quality of life.

Manitobans for the Arts was created to bring people together to celebrate, support and promote arts, culture, heritage and creativity in our province.

More than 25,000 people work in the arts and culture sector, a critical part of Manitoba’s economy. Together with the 99% of Manitobans who participate in cultural activity each year, we are helping set the path for the future. Our stories define us, and tell the world who we are.

You can play a part in Manitobans for the Arts through advocacy, participation and volunteerism.

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