2016 Provincial Election Toolkit

Manitobans for the Arts believes that everyone has a role to play in ensuring the creative sector flourishes in Manitoba. Your vote is on April 19 is key, but there is more you can do!mfta_vote_circle-eng

We’ve put together this handy toolkit to help you be informed and engaged in the provincial election. Use this toolkit to show your support for the arts and help raise the profile of the creative sector, using your voice on social media, and in conversation with your local political candidates.

Manitobans for the Arts asked each political party about their plans for the arts and creative sector. Read their responses here. Which party deserves your Arts Vote? Share online and tag us on Twitter #MB4Arts @MB4Arts or on Facebook to let us know!

We’ll be updating this Toolkit regularly as the Election approaches so check back for more information.

The Manitobans for the Arts 2016 Election Toolkit will help you:

  1. Get informed about how to vote and who your local candidates are;
  2. Understand the Issues that face the creative sector in Manitoba
  3. Engage in the arts vote conversation online: Change your profile pic and help promote the arts with your community;
  4. Connect with your local candidate(s);
  5. Make an informed choice when you #ArtsVoteMB on April 19th, 2016

 1. Get informed: Election Day in Manitoba is April 19th, 2016

Click here to find out who is running in your riding & learn how and when to vote by visiting www.electionsmanitoba.ca

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2. Understand the Issues

Arts and culture mean business!

  • Almost 22,000 Manitobans are employed in the creative sector – this is comparable to finance; insurance and real estate; and the construction sector. We need to increase investment for a creative Manitoba!
    • Manitoba should be a leader in advancing the creative sector, but in reality we rank ninth in per capita spending when all levels of government are considered, and fifth when comparing provincial spending on arts and culture!
    • For every year that our provincial investment is flat-lined, our creative sector becomes less stable and the workforce falls further behind. Arts and Culture funding needs to increase to ensure the creative sector remains a competitive part of our economy.

Manitoba has not undertaken a Cultural Policy review in 26 years!

  • The cultural sector and the province have changed dramatically since 1990; from the explosion of the Internet and digital technology to the increased diversity of Manitoba’s population base.
    • A well-defined cultural policy offers a framework for decision-making including the allocation of scarce resources in a rapidly changing economy, and it orients the government in when it establishes specific initiatives.
    • Manitobans for the Arts calls on all political parties to recognize the essential role of government in preserving and enhancing the cultural legacy that the citizens of Manitoba have created over generations. The provincial government has a leadership role to play in fostering the vitality of the cultural sector as part of Manitoba’s diversified economy.

Want more information on how arts and culture contributes to Canadian society as a whole? Look no further! Read these facts at a glance from the Canadian Arts Coalition.

3. Engage: share your support for arts and culture in Manitoba online!

  • Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Use the hashtags #ArtsVoteMB #MBpoli and tag us #MB4Arts @MB4arts
  • Share these graphics on your timeline, as your profile pic or cover photo to show your support for the creative sector in Manitoba!


 4. Connect with your local candidate(s)

One of the best ways you can raise the profile of the arts and culture sector in our province is to connect directly with those who want to represent you in government. Find out who the candidates are in your riding, and then contact each political party to request the respective candidate’s phone number and e-mail. Or, address your e-mail to a specific candidate and ask that it be forwarded to them through the party office. A quick google search for your local candidate’s contact information can also do the trick!

Here are some questions and talking points to help you make the arts connection with your local candidate(s):

 Share your story: remember it’s a conversation, not a laundry list! Share why you value arts and culture in Manitoba. Describe an experience when arts and culture impacted your life.

  • Q: Do the arts matter to you? How have arts and culture impacted your life?
  • Q: How will your party build a strong arts and creative sector in Manitoba?
  • Q: By what amount will your party increase financial investment in the arts and creative sector over the next four years?
  • Q: Have you or your party reviewed the Manitobans for the Arts 2016 Provincial Election Platform? It contains concrete policy suggestions to improve the creative sector in our province. Two main items are the need for greater investment in the sector, and the need for a new cultural policy, which hasn’t been updated in Manitoba since 1990!

Connect with your local candidates directly on Twitter! Use this list to find your candidates’ twitter handles and ask them important questions about their arts platform!

  • @PC_Manitoba
    • Leader: @Brian_Pallister
  • @Green_Party_MB
    • Leader: @JamesBeddome
  • @MBliberalparty
    • Leader: @Rana4Manitoba
  • @MBNDP
    • Leader: @GregSelinger

Sample tweets:

[@LocalCandidate/Party], how will your party support arts & culture in the next 4 years? #ArtsVoteMB @mb4arts

[@LocalCandidate/Party], arts connect us & make for stronger communities. How can we improve support for arts & culture in [insert riding]? #ArtsVoteMB @mb4arts

[@LocalCandidate/Party], how have the #arts played a role in the wellbeing of your riding? Let’s keep it a priority! #ArtsVoteMB

 5. Make an informed choice!

  • Share who earns your #ArtsVoteMB with your community online and tag us to let us know! #MB4Arts @MB4Arts
  • Be sure to VOTE on or before April 19th, 2016!