About Us

Manitobans for the Arts was created in 2012 to advance arts, culture, heritage and creativity in this province. Manitobans for the Arts believes arts and culture are crucial to Manitoba’s prosperity and quality of life. Manitobans for the Arts will devise ways to advance the creative sector and promote more participation and engagement.

Manitobans for the Arts will:

  • Promote access to arts and culture for all Manitobans.
  • Encourage participation and engagement in all aspects of the creative sector.
  • Conduct research into how arts, culture, heritage and creativity impact the province.
  • Share information among a diverse group of creative people working in the arts and cultural sector and with the community at large.
  • Emphasize the role of arts and culture in Manitoba’s well-being, growth and development.
  • Identify gaps in service and promotion needs in the community.

The future strength of Manitobans for the Arts lies in the size, diversity and involvement of its membership, which is open to all.

Please consider becoming a member today.