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Manitoban Publications:

Canadian Publications:

  • Factors in Canadians’ Arts Attendance in 2010 – Hill Strategies
    This report examines the dynamics of attendance at five arts activities: art galleries, theatres, classical music performances, popular music performances, and cultural festivals. In addition to an analysis of demographic factors, the report provides substantial information about cultural crossovers. The analysis of “cultural crossovers” examines whether participants in one cultural activity are more or less likely to attend other arts activities.
  • Survey of the General Public The Value of Presenting: A Study of Arts Presentation in Canada – Ekos Research Associates
    This report examines Canadians’ performing arts participation based on a combination online and telephone survey of 1,031 adults. The survey instrument was designed to be comparable with results from the 2005 General Social Survey. These two surveys (unlike the 2010 General Social Survey) asked respondents about their attendance at performances by professional artists.

International Publications:

  • Entering Upon Novelty: Policy and Funding Issues for a New Era in the Arts – Grantmakers in the Arts
  • Building Arts Organizations that Build Audiences – The Wallace Foundation
    In June 2011, a conference called Building Audiences: Sustaining What Works sought to share ideas about how to sustain what is working in audience development. The Chicago gathering, sponsored by The Wallace Foundation, brought together representatives from the 54 recipients of the Wallace Excellence Awards, a grant program that has helped exemplary arts groups in six cities design and carry out projects to build participation in the arts. Together with researchers, experts in non-profit management, and marketing and communications mavens, the Excellence Awards grantees discussed their audience development projects and tried to make sense of what they have learned to inform their audience-building work in the future.
  • World Cities Culture Report 2012 – Mayor of London
    The World Cities Culture Report 2012 is an international survey examining the cultural offerings of 12 cities. One of the report’s central points is that world cities are as important in terms of culture as they are in finance or trade. The report says: “Culture in all its diverse forms is central to what makes a city appealing to educated people and hence to the businesses which seek to employ them.”
  • State of Uncertainty: Innovation policy through experimentation – NESTA
    This paper proposes a new model for innovation policy that clearly distinguishes it from industrial policy. We challenge the idea, implicit in much existing practice, that governments operate levers that affect innovation in predictable ways, and argue that innovation policy should instead be conceived as a process of discovery, required because the creation and exploitation of new ideas by entrepreneurs is by nature radically uncertain.
  • Creative Placemaking – National Endowment for the Arts
    Based on a literature review and several case studies, this report examines culture-led placemaking and “its contributions to livability, economic revitalization, creative entrepreneurship, and cultural industries”. The study indicates that creative placemaking efforts are “using arts and culture to animate downtowns and neighborhoods, to stoke their creative industries, to stabilize population and jobs, and to attract new residents and businesses” to small and large communities. The report highlights common elements among successful placemaking initiatives and challenges in creative placemaking.